Commercial Truck Insurance Agents Jobs

  • We are not a general agent. No phone calls please.
  • We are not looking for referrals for other agencies.
  • This would be for a full-time trucking insurance agent.
  • This is a 1099 position. Commission only. You get out of it what you put into it.
  • You have had your P&C for at least two years with at least one year exposure to the commercial trucking insurance markets.
  • Leads are one of the most important items in any sales. We have leads for the right agent.
  • JDW is based upon customer service and honesty to our clients.

If you have a get up and go attitude. If you can talk to our leads with trucking insurance knowledge. Then we want to talk to you.

LEADS: – In any sales jobs. Leads can make you or break you. If you Google keywords such as Commercial Truck Insurance “Alabama” “Texas” “Georgia” then other keywords such as related to commercial truck insurance you will see JDW Truck Insurance has a large presence on the internet. What does this mean? It means our site gets the traffic to generate leads by our quote form, by phone call and texts. We get request daily. We need help!

LEADS 2 Program: This is not cold calling New Authorities who just go their DOT # in place. When an operations gets their new DOT # many and I mean many agents begin calling them. You end of competing with many different agents who are not concerned about the policy coverages they sell to the client. They will say most anything just to get the sale. We operate this way. JDW is a valued added commercial truck insurance agency, which means we care and help our clients and look for long term relationships. Sharing knowledge and good customer service will also lead to referrals. For the right agent we pay for this program.

equal opportunity employer

We currently write in these states. You must hold a valid license at least one of these states. The right agent will be able to write in the states we are licensed.

FL – SC – TX – TN – IN – MS – AL  – MO – VA – GA – PA – IL – OH


We have an opening for a new authority agent. You will be suppled a limited amount of requests from our website and your job will be to confirm the information they have sent over. Then submit an application for quotes. This is a great way to get started in the trucking insurance industry. Once you have proven you can handle this task. We will provide a list of companies who have been in business 1 to 3 years.

We do offer some training for the right agent but you have to have a working knowledge of trucking insurance.